Gardens & estate

The entire 30 acres of Lavayssière is available for your exclusive use during your stay. Walk freely across flowering meadows, explore the woods down to the stream at the bottom of the hill.  The house and gites occupy a commanding position over the valley, with stunning views. Watch the sun set over the picturesque village of Bardigues.  

A network of terraces and gardens links the house, barn and pool areas. Relax on the north terrace or dine with friends and family (up to a total of 20 people) outside on the covered west terrace. Play pétanque on the shady terrace beneath the mature walnut tree. In the garden next to the house west terrace, children can enjoy a large 4.3m trampoline. 

A wide path, once used by oxen to transport farm produce, leads through the oak wood below Lavayssière. Deep in the wood, are tiny ancient limestone quarries and a small seasonal stream leading to the little river Camezon, which runs along the valley and ultimately leads to the river Garonne.

You may come across families of deer who live in the wood. They’re very shy but can often be seen among the oaks and sometimes in the meadow, especially in the early morning when they drink at the pond. Wildfowl – herons, ducks and so on – also feed at the pond, which is also home to frogs, tadpoles and freshwater crayfish.