Set in the French South West, between Toulouse and Bordeaux, Lavayssière lies above a valley with stunning views over the Gascon countryside. The estate extends to 30 acres of meadow and woodland, bounded by the fields and orchards of neighbouring farms. Savour the classic bucolic tranquility of “La France profonde”.

About 20 minutes walk across the valley lies the village of Bardigues, a pretty hamlet with an exceptional restaurant. Click on: Auberge de Bardigues.

A 5-minute drive takes you to the spectacular Gallo-Roman town of Auvillar – perched above the river Garonne with commanding views of Quercy to the north. Click here for more: Auvillar.

Moissac is 20 minutes drive away. Its 12th century Romanesque abbey and cloisters – one of the most beautiful in France – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Moissac.

Bardigues -